25 March 2020

tea party for one

"shelter in place" is one of the slogans of this pandemic. it takes both strength & creativity.

the only time I leave the house is to walk. & my mind uses that time for gymnastics. the other day it came up with my hummingbird poem. & as if in response to that I rememberd Mom's hummingbird teapot.  it's not my style but I do like the bird on the handle. I took it out of its hiding place & decided to throw myself a tea party.

I don't drive so the garage is a big empty space. altho not so inviting it's almost a new space since I'm rarely in it. & with door open it's not so bad. so I set up a small table & brought out a favorite wood chair. it had been left in the basement when I moved into the house on Morris Rd in Kent. I brought it to Santa Fe where I used it in my office. it was one of the few pieces of furniture I also brought to Palm Springs. however it doesn't fit here. so it stays in the garage.

I made orange tea in the pot. served in a cup brought from Greece. with a plate of orange cantuccini from Sienna. it was a bright moment on this day.

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