26 June 2018

David Prittie (1954-2018)

"mad abt the boy." the song from a production he was in that I saw & saw again because he was in it.

yes. mid '70s. David was a young beauty at Kent & I cdn't get enuf of him.

eventually we workd together.  in 1976 I wrote a piece for choreographer Connie May. it was called "Crossing." on stage were 2 dancers (Connie & Genie Schoettler) & 2 readers (David & I). I still remember standing next to him in the wings waiting to go on & his sweet greeting. so close it was as if we were abt to kiss. but we had to find our places on stage.

the next year he appeard in the Kent Acting & Touring Company production of my adaptation of "A Christmas Carol."

& then he went off to Yale. & finally to NYC. there he continued to work in theater but more & more off stage. he became well known as a graphic designer.

I have no photos with David. Lainard Bush videotaped a performance of "Crossing" but as so often happens it's gone missing.

it's been many years since I last saw David but he has his own small spot in my heart.

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