28 June 2018

a bright spot

in such a dark week.....

last month I was hired by Cord Media for a 2-day shoot for their coming ad campaign for Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio. they wantd a "mature" gentleman who was willing to streak. wonderful photographer Eric Schwabel -- who was doing the print part of the campaign -- immediately thot of me. wonder why? anyway I've long wantd to pose for Eric. I had visions of my portrait in one of his beautiful books or on the wall of a swank gallery. so I ended up on a billboard. I'm thrilld. 

didn't learn the exact location til today. it's on Rt 10 heading east just past the Jefferson St exit. so Tony Mataras & I went out. he took photos & video. for that delightful time I put all the bad news aside.


monica said...

😍 this made my day!

richard lopez said...

this is the best news i've read all week! thank you, alex. your affirmation of life is so sorely needed.