07 March 2017

a story instead of a shimmy

I know someone in town who lives in the house that once belongd to Hedy Lamarr. we may be doing something together tomorrow. so he was on my mind. & as my mind is it weaves hither & yon with comfort & ease.

& a tale returnd to me. I had a redneck uncle who had a sister who smoked. I disliked her. once she was visiting Winckles St & in the course of her rambles she lookd me in the eyes & utterd in a slightly desultory manner "I remember when you were a boy & dressd up like Hedy Lamarr."

I was startld because I have zero memory of doing drag as a child (except at Halloween). but I was not to be one-uppd by a hillbilly. so I quickly responded: "you're wrong. it was Betty Grable." then I stood up   turnd my back to her   put my hands on my hips & lookd over my shoulder with a glower for the ages.

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