09 November 2014

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000)

there is some division abt her birth date.  altho most sources have today as her centennial there remains out there speculation that she was born in 1913.

this is my favorite photo of Hedy. it's from "The Ziegfeld Girl."

in 1962 I was on Kent State's spring theater tour & walking down Shubert Alley. Lillian Roth was signing autographs outside her stage door. which thrilld me since I was a big Roth fan. but then a short distance from her was a heavily-made-up woman with a scarf over her head also signing. I didn't recognize her as anyone from Roth's current musical so askd someone nearby who it was. yes. Hedy Lamarr right there in front of me.

I think that autograph is in my papers at Kent State.


& then another case of synchronicity.

for some reason I was thinking abt a name from my past -- David Roggensack. he was a press rep in NYC's theater world. googling him I discoverd a 1971 column by Arthur Bell abt the opening of American Place Theater which mentions both David (who was doing the company's press at the time) & Hedy who showd up at APT's opening.

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