29 December 2016

Antebellum Gallery (2005-2016)

as if this year didn't have enuf deaths word comes from Hollywood of the closing of this important spot. it wasn't just a gallery -- showing works by artists like Eddie Jelinet & JC Gonzo -- but it was a meeting place for people willing to look at the dark side.

here I am with gallery owner Rick Castro -- famous fetish photographer & co-director of "Hustler White" -- on my first visit in 2011.

& in the notorious Tony Ward Toilet:

but my best memory was my first Hollywood reading:

& here is Rick -- who featured tea salons there -- with my gift of Mom's miniature teapot & napkins picturing teapots.

the death of any gallery is sad. but with the turn toward hate of the coming administration we more than ever need places like Antebellum. I am happy to have been a part of this cultural & social phenomenon but teary to see it end.

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