12 January 2016

finding beauty

when it's too cold to be happy you have to work harder. after a late start & 2 cups of coffee I lookd outside & saw ice. but there also was sun.  so I grabbd the camera.  I knew if I was to make it thru the day I had to put on a positive scarf & task myself myself with joy.  joy is always there.  but sometimes we have to dig to find it.

after taking photos I felt my day had truly begun. it was time to come inside. to throw off my clothes. to be photographd by Jim Ferringer. drawn by John MacConnell. filmd by James Bidgood. time to smile with a smile that wd melt this ice.

none of these things are happening. I'm in a cold place. but smile I try. & a couple of the photos work. & I have poems to write & collages to construct.

I will make it thru winter.

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