29 July 2015

Joe Allen

in any big city restaurants come & go.  so it seems a big deal that this NYC favorite is celebrating its 50th year.

I startd going there in the 70s. in my drinking days I'd be alone at the bar.  but also meals over the decades with friends. the only regular I recall from the menu was the Caesar salad.  but it was a comfortable place. the waiters cd be the chorus from "Hello Dolly" (as no doubt some of them were over the years). I recall Jean-Pierre Aumont sitting by himself & Alfred Molina coming in from the rain.

I don't get to Manhattan much anymore.  but it's good to know that it's still there.


cinemage books said...

i don't know if I ever went there with you. I do recall going there after seeing the pirates of penzance with friends and seeing angela lansbury at a table, she looked at me and seemed to be saying beat it kid.

Alex Gildzen said...

we were there together in 2000 when you contributed to my Century Dimes piece.