08 February 2015

a rarity

this morning I opend Mom's cedar chest which is under the table on which my computer rests in the guest room. it's full of files documenting my writing life.  they will be going to my collection at Kent State in the coming weeks.

I haven't lookd at these files since I put them together some years ago.  I noticed one was bulging. I pulld it out to discover something I'd completely forgotten.

I did a little book of prints called Men Out of Their Underwear. there were only 3 copies: one sent to the dedicatee Michael Linder   mine & if I remember correctly   artist R. B. Sprague. I don't know if Roger's copy made it to Oklahoma with his collection after his death or went into the trash.  & I have no idea where Linder is.  so the copy I'm sending to Kent may be the only one to survive.

the piece was done in april of 1999 in response to an online site Linder had.  the collages were of porn stars: Gene Carrier   Lee Ryder & a blond whose name escapes me. with their images are momentos from my travels   such as a napkin from Buenos Aires & something from a trip on the Southwest Chief.

but the fascinating thing abt this strange effort of mine was the binding. the loose sheets in each of the 3 were laid into a casing made from my underwear.

my most famous underwear piece is Underwear in a Box. I guess I have what Rick Castro wd identitfy as a fetish abt underwear. this isn't the time to analyze that. but I must say I was delightd to encounter this piece & send if off to Kent with my blessing.

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