11 January 2015

Palm Springs is

close today because this cactus is in bloom.  it began as a tiny cutting from Inn Exile. over the years it's grown into this.


Marc said...

This is a weird question, and probably the wrong place to ask it, but after reading parts of your blog, I'm really curious as to how you were able to make a decent living as a poet and artist?

I tried for almost 20 years, and eventually gave up.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Alex Gildzen said...

I spent years working as a rare book librarian to pay the bills. was lucky to be able to take an early retirement.

Marc said...

Thank you Alex for your reply. I hear that a lot, and wish I had done the same in hindsight, i.e., take on a regular job, while pursuing my art and writing as a hobby.