05 January 2015

let the downsizing begin

those who know me -- or have read me -- realize the importance of things in my life. no. I'm not a hoarder. but for 7 decades I have been a collector. & I've always gaind true comfort from the history of the objects that surround me.

in the last several months I experienced a confluence of happenings which promptd a serious look at how my movie will end. don't jump to conclusions. I don't plan on that fade-out for some time. but at a certain age it becomes one to get a life in order.

& so I've decided that as much as things in my life have sustaind & enrichd me I have simply too much. I need to live simpler. so out will go the superfluous. how many ice cream scoopers does one person need?

but there are some treasures too dear to put on the curb. & it's up to me to find them new homes. realizing this actually fills me with joy. during the new year I plan on a slow & deliberate transfer of parts of my life to institutions & friends.

so if in the coming months you receive a box from me be happy.  it means I've chosen you to forever be part of my life. think of it as a major mail art project. making my past a part of yr present is going to be an adventure for me.


Bill Fogle said...

I have the complete outfit (with little furry hat) my father was christened in, all his youthful drawings and snapshots, all my mother's photos, lots of Jobriath stuff (papers and paintings), but no family to pass this on to. I think of this often--it's a kind of burden for me. Hell, I'm having a hard time throwing away my mother's shoddy tea towels!!! Anyway, good idea! But don't send me any of your old briefs or the shorts you wore in that photo in Nantucket. OK, just a few pieces. (Shall I send down a truck?)

Alex Gildzen said...

several comments Bill:

1) I bet there are archives that wd be happy to have the Jobriath material (like the One Institute).

2) send me yr snail address via e-mail. in thinking abt all this I actually had you in mind for something.

3) my friend Gary in Las Vegas already told me he'll be sending over a u-haul