08 November 2014

peculiarity of a single man

for years I've slept on the right side of the bed & on my right side. from time to time I'll roll over to experience the left side of the bed & then sleep on my left side (altho I once read that was bad for the heart). at hotels that have large beds -- like Blue Moon -- I often stay for 4 nites & will sleep on the right side for 2 nites & on the left the other 2.

several days ago I wrenchd my back while digging up gopher trails. I decided sleeping on my back for a change mite be less painful. & then I decided why not put the 2 pillows which I generally have on each side of the bed on top of each other in the middle. & for a couple of nites now I've gone to bed this way. 

as I age I often find change difficult. but I have to admit that this particular change feels quite lovely. & for someone who hasn't slept with someone else on a regular basis for some time it seems it suddenly feels more fitting than what I've been doing for so long.

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