04 October 2014


Jason Prufer alertd me abt the temporary availibility of Dick Myers' 1969 film on You Tube.  altho I've seen snippets of it online tonite I saw the complete film for the first time since 1983.

altho moments in the film were vivid there were large sections I'd forgotten. on a personal level it's a true time capsule. so many friends on the screen. & funny to see my name wrong in the credits.

here's a couple of bad screen caps I made with my iPad of me in the scene shot at Jo & Ann's Bar:

& here I am on the bus near the end:

when I last saw "Akran" I wrote this:


boy in seat in front of me
sits behind me a young man

Jake & Mary's kids   grown too
live on two coasts

she in the back is dead 
he in front   wives later   lost

in that bus up on the screen
I'm a bearded student riding toward love

but now alone in the dark
I approach 40 barefaced & wambly

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