10 July 2014

one enchantd evening

Rita & Phil & Canuto & I drove to Alameda last nite. we settled in at Farm & Table for an exquisite dinner. the restaurant borders its own garden.  so produce is fresh.  we began with kale & mushroom empanadas which were like eating bits of clouds.

my entree was chicken with polenta & beet greens. & for dessert we shared a divine trio.

then on to Sandia Casino. just as we got out of the car it startd to gently rain.  by the time we got into the amphitheater there was a downpour.  we quickly became soaked. of course the concert was delayed.  eventually we went into the casino to join the throng of wet grumblers.

the 8 o'clock concert didn't begin till 9:40.  Ringo Starr -- who turnd 74 just 2 days earlier -- literally bouncd onto the stage.  he seemd much more vigorous than the last time I saw his all-star band at this same venue. the only person onstage who out-danced him was Todd Rundgren who lookd like an old convict finally let outside.

it was definitely a nostalgia concert. a nite of crowd-pleasing chestnuts.  in fact the low point was when Ringo performd his newish song "Anthem" which is simply a bad song. for me the highlights were Richard Page singing "Kyrie" & Gregg Rolie belting "Black Magic Woman."

turnd into a longer nite than we expectd but despite that lengthy sit in wet pants it was many shades of wonderful.

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