31 July 2014

all abt love

tea brewd. cake on a plate. ready for my evening movie. & then sky turned dark & loud. when they say driving rain this was what they meant.

I went out to the back portal & calld for Kiddo. finally he came running to me   wet & shivering. I toweld him dry then sat on the lounge chair. I wrappd him in the towel & held his quivering body as thunder & lightning put on their show. I kept stroking him & talking. it was quite the ramble. I  even rememberd when I was a child in bed & Dad make up stories. I told Kiddo I didn't remember any of them but did recall that one was abt an elephant.

I cd see the ground filling with water & heard the river that the arroyo became. & I talkd. then -- after 45 minutes of intensity -- the storm was over. Kiddo got up & went to his bowl. then back to the chair where I took this:

as I start to get old & feel alone it's a gift to know that someone needs me. one small gray creature who comes & goes as he pleases but every once in a while needs me.

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Pressin On said...

cats are like little children you dont need to buy shoes for!