14 May 2014

more Milligan

I took this portrait of Michael on Morris Rd in the fall of 1983 with one of his drawings which he'd given me as a birthday gift: 

& here's a close-up. even tho I don't keep it in light the image has begun to fade.

on that visit he contributed this page to my book of the house:

over the years Michael & I shared adventures not just in Kent but also Cincinnati & Columbus & Cleveland & Jackson MI.  I didn't see him much in his last years. sometimes that happens. we can't rewrite. there were times when I had ambivalent feelings abt Michael. but in the end I like to think that we both considerd the other a friend.

when I was recently in Cleveland I spent time with a pair of his dearest friends -- Lainard Bush & Michael Pierce.  they talkd abt collecting images of his art work. so when I got back I began to make scans of what I had for the project.

one of my sweetest memories of Michael was at the house in Twin Lakes.  I was walking up the spiral staircase & encounterd him having an intimate moment with Jean-Claude van Itallie.  I smiled & hurried back down the stairs. the look on his face then is the one that comes to mind when I hear his name.

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