01 May 2014

a variant

whoever does the bibliography of Green Panda Press is in for some fun times. the wondrous Bree does odd runs with some reprints that differ.

last year she produced Listening to the music. it immediately became a bibliographical oddity because there were 2 states of the cover.  the caption of the cover photo of me ("with Rufus Wainwright's arm") was printed on the right on some covers & on the left on others.  I don't even know the total press run so have no idea how many of each there are.

yesterday Bree sent me copies of poems that drip blood. in the package were some other Green Panda items.  to my surprise there were these 2 chapbooks:

the original had green covers with white pages & Bree added my Jimmy Scott poem to the outside back cover.  on this version I just got all pages are a pink or rose & "Short Vincent" is inside at the end of the text.

special collections librarians may not like this but I'm retired from that now & love it.

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