12 November 2013

Leo Damore (1929-1995)

as we near the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination there are endless print stories & tv programs abt the enduring mystery of that event.  I've already begun gorging on them.  & along the way I rememberd Leo Damore who exactly 20 years ago told me he was writing a book abt the murder of one of the president's lovers -- Mary Pinchot Meyer -- & its connection to the assassination conspiracy.

Leo killd himself before the book was finishd but apparently others have used his notes for their writings.  & some even claim Leo's suicide was just another murder of someone who knew too much.

before his death Leo left his papers to Kent State.  (they don't include his research on the Meyer murder which was sold by his estate.) here we are in the Special Collections reading room two decades ago.

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