26 November 2013

goodbye to an address

during the summer Mom fell & broke her hip. from hospital she went to Life Care Center of Elyria for rehab. she has since gone into assistd living.

I returnd last nite from one of several recent trips there. the purpose of this one was to ready the house Dad built in 1950 for sale. a huge event in Mom's life & mine. I was terrified of how she'd react but was surprisd that she completely understands the inevitable & was supportive of my packing up her belongings. 

I tried to share just the right things with people important to her. & even tho I don't know where I'll put them several boxes will be coming to Santa Fe.

some people have housewarmings. I decided to have a house wake. unfortunately the weather in northern Ohio turnd nasty so some poets & artists from the Cleveland area who hoped to make didn't. but enuf did to temporarily take away some of the hurt I was feeling. here are Diane Borsenik of NightBallet Press & Tom Mahl of Trick Pitch Press.

yesterday morning -- exhaustd from sending off or boxing so many memories -- I took one last shower in the family house. even tho I knew it was eco-unfriendly it probably was the longest shower of my life. I simply didn't want to get out.  but I did & then took this final photo in that house. probably the only picture in existence of the odd plastic tile Dad put in 63 years ago.

my cousin Sal arr'd. then I shut the front door of 429 Winckles St for the last time.


Etienne Culler said...

I can imagine all the memories and emotions attached to everything, Alex. Then, having to pack it all up must have been like reliving everything in slow motion for you. I'm sure you'll be able to draw from it in the future and use it in your writing. We have the same pine paneling in our living room in SC (1950 also). Not sure if I'd miss the fuschia faux malachite shower, 'tho. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Alex Gildzen said...

thx ET. & yes that shower is a hoot. but so much a part of that particular era.

Anonymous said...

lived the same back in '98. I know how u feel. glad u had some company to make the event more of a celebration. would have loved to have been there. btw we had the same tile in yellow.