14 October 2013

the dance of turbulence

I went to Palm Springs for a few days to relax before what may be some difficulties on the horizon. the flight in was so turbulent the attendant was beltd in the whole way. as I steppd from the plane it began to rain. that nite the streets flooded. & it was cold.

for some 15 years I stayd at Inn Exile when I came to Palm Springs. new owners have made it a place I no longer know. so this was my first time in new digs. change (climate & so many other kinds) seems to aggravate me as I age but I try to adapt. there is no other option.

my plans did not include seeing friends but I ended up happening on a few familiar faces. & I learnd that someone I knew killd himself. I tried to deal with cold & loss. I tried to stretch the definition of relaxation.

on my first flight  this morning there was a man who had one arm shorter than the other. if I wrote fiction I'd work that. but I don't. & sometimes it's cold in Palm Springs. & sometimes people you know kill themselves.  & sometimes "turbulence" rimes with "dance."

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