17 September 2013

miracle in the rain

I was in Ohio when the storm that flooded Colorado also pummeld New Mexico. on my first morning back I took advantage of the still wet ground to transplant Aunt Sophie's trumpet vine. it was while I was doing that I saw this.

back story: years ago Dad dug up 3 saplings from his rose of sharon. because of the hard level of soil here they cdn't deep root & have lookd bonsai-ish. one died & then another. so I fertilizd the hell out of the remaining one which had its best blooming ever this year.

I was shockd to see that one dead one -- which I hadn't pulld out -- is now growing some leaves at its base.  I'm not a horticulturist so I don't know if this tender new growth will survive the winter & produce a new plant come spring. but what a happy surprise to see such an unexpectd resurrection.

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