05 September 2013

a couple of Barrymores

this isn't abt John & his brother Lionel.  nor is it abt Ethel & her grand niece Drew. it's abt a pair of restaurants.

the first one -- a theater hangout in Manhattan -- is gone. here's a picture I took of the place shortly after it closed in 2006:

over the years I ate at Barrymore's many times with many friends. even had Thxgiving dinner there in 1988. it was on a block of West 45th that had other restaurants popular with theater folk & their admirers. some rich people bought up those historic spots to wreck.

on Labor Day Gary & I had our Xmas dinner together early at The Barrymore:

currently one of the most popular intimate restaurants in Las Vegas it's just off the Strip in an old structure which over the years has been hotel & casino & time share venue. an unlikely address for a good restaurant. I had a delicious salad of baby kale & figs. we shared some lobster mac & cheese.  my entree was duck. we weren't going to indulge in dessert after all that but talkd each other into sharing amaretto cheesecake.

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