07 November 2012

too excitd to sleep

it was abt 1 in the morning when I finally turnd off the tv.  I sat on the edge of the bed & suddenly burst into tears.  a flock of bluebirds flew from my chest. all day I'd been on the verge of an anxiety attack. finally it was over.

there is greatness in Obama.  in his first term he didn't always please me. in his second term he won't always please me.  but I trust him.

& after just a few hours of sleep I feel this election was historic beyond his victory. I don't remember so many gay candidates ever winning or so many wingnuts falling from favor. 

I need more coffee. & after lunch I'll be happy to indulge in a siesta. this whole election process this time around has been exhasting. but just now I stood in the morning sun & filld my lungs with fresh air & felt good.

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