19 June 2012

my getaway

I went to Las Vegas for a long weekend. the best part was when my friend Gary Sielaff pickd me up at Blue Moon for a day of adventure. we drove to the area's newest Hash House a Go Go in Henderson for one of their huge & divine breakfasts. 

 then across the state line & on lonely roads thru Mojave National Preserve.

we hiked the Rings Loop Trail. wonderful cactus was blooming & the rock formations were constantly changing as we walkd the circle. there was one difficult moment: the rings. there was no way up that part of the mountain without grabbing these rings. I confess Gary had to give me a boost but I did it.

thx Gary. every time I come to Sin City you drive me into some wilderness or another.  & we always have a grand time.


Alex Gildzen said...

thinking abt this post on walk to gym this ayem. one good definition of friendship: giving/getting a boost when needed.

Anonymous said...

any time my friend.