26 May 2012

snail mail

there was a time when its delivery was a high point of any day. however in this internet age I usually only get bills & junque in my mailbox.

BUT today was a lovely surprise. there were 3 packages!!!

the biggest was from the artist Ira Joel Haber who I've known for more than 40 years.  he's one of two old friends who regularly sends me surprise packets.  this one has postcards & art announcements (one featuring a fetching portrait of Joe Brainard who IJH introducd me to many years ago) as well as a naughty Haber collage.

the other mailings were from Steve Tills (who sent me his new book Post Maiden) & Michael Alago (who sent night blooming jasmine will never smell the same).

suddenly this average day has become special.  it's a celebration of friendship -- old & new. as I begin yet another decade I value friendship so much. I got an e-mail this morning from an Elyria neighbor who I've known since kindergarten (64 years ago!). how splendid is that?

so a big hug & thank you to Ira Joel & Steve & Michael for turning just another day into a party.

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