31 May 2012


a couple of years ago when I was having my nervous breakdown I spent considerable time in the park next to my grocery store.  sometimes I sippd coffee. other times I wrote.  & there were days when all I cd manage was deep breathing. but mostly I simply lookd around me.  I was able to see the regular station where the "homeless" stand with signs asking for money.  one day I watchd a young woman finish her shift.  she walkd a distance away from the station & got into a new SUV & drove off.

I rarely sit in the park anymore but I do go to the store daily.  & in the process I see many of the regulars who seek funds.  recently as I carried my venti coffee from Starbuck's I saw a new young man. he was with a dog.  I've heard that panhandlers like to appear with dogs because they get more handouts. the man was new but I swear I've seen that dog before.  as I walkd home I began to wonder if the regulars share the same dog. perhaps there is a Fagin who organizes the panhandlers & rents the dog out. I'll try to be more careful in my observations of the regulars & check out the canine angle.

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