26 January 2012

whispers from the dead

Elizabeth Short's fingerprints

Craig Arnold's footprint


MjB said...

I was just reading about the Elizabeth Short case and it reminded me of the so-called "Cleveland Torso Murders." Then I saw in Wikipedia that, indeed, the LAPD had investigated that connection, but discounted it. I suppose the kind of depravity that would lead someone to torture, kill, and chop up innocent and hapless people wouldn't necessarily be confined to any one locale. It's such a sad story and ghastly to think that whoever committed the crime enjoyed committing it and liked the touch of fame in the aftermath. The Cleveland killer from the 30s and 40s preyed on the homeless, the luckless, and people on society's edges, and it seems Short was in a similar place. I don't think the media of the day served her well, either.

AlexG said...

there is substantial discussion in the true crime literature abt a possible connection between Black Dahlia & the Cleveland case.