21 January 2012

layers of Hollywood history

today is the 75th anniversary of the death of Marie Prevost.

a few years ago I made a call on my cell phone to filmmaker Todd Hughes in front of the Aftonian where Prevost died.

exactly one block over on DeLongpre is the apartment building of Hervey Medellin who last nite was reveald to be the person whose head was found near the Hollywood sign. & altho we don't yet know exactly when he was murderd it may have been on the anniversary of the finding of the body of Elizabeth Short.


Anonymous said...

Alex - speaking of Hollywood toughies, check your email for today ... did you know about Jim Tully? [with Mort "Sahl" Krahling as lagniappe]...

Servus, RT [still on d'Gulf_of_Santo_Domingo]

Alex Gildzen said...

haven't read Tully in a long time Roman. but I remember discussing him with Paul years before he publishd his bio.