24 September 2011

private bathrooms?

reading abt the new college trend for boutique housing made me remember my undergrad days at Kent State.

I lived in room 321 of Stopher Hall. it was a 2-man room. my first roommate was a problem but subsequent ones were rewarding. before I moved west I visitd the old dorm -- which at that time had been closd down.

in addition to the obligatory photos of me in my room I wantd one in the bathroom down the hall.

there is something elemental abt communal living. & of all the bathroom areas in my life that one seems to have quite the imprint. & because the university knockd down that building (the current Stopher Hall is one I've never been in) these photos are all the more poignant.

here's a poem from the Kent section of Ohio Triangle:


when I saw
my dorm fallen
I wantd to search
the rubble
for a linoleum square
from the floor
of room 321
or a manila block
from the showers
I wantd to hold
my memories
but I walkd on

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