30 September 2011

Balloon Fiesta

is an Albuquerque event. but on the way home from the gym I was entering my local Starbuck's & an elderly gentleman was leaving & stoppd me to say there was in balloon in the field of the nearby middle school.

with a venti coffee in hand I watchd the deflation of a balloon as I walkd home. by the time I got my camera the balloon was pretty dead. but then I turnd on my computer & neighbor Phil had e-maild me this picture he took from his backyard.

& here is mine taken shortly after:

I remember some years ago when a balloon was launchd from the school's football field which is directly across the arroyo from my yard.

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cinemage books said...

when I was living high on a hill in san diego I had a small patio and would spend a lot of time out there, the view was so beautiful, and one sunday afternoon all these hot air balloons came floating by, I'll never forget that sight.