22 April 2011

murderd brothers

"Dateline" tonite told the story of the Kissel brothers who were separately murderd. this material had alredy been presentd in a telefilm as well as books.

it got me to wondering why similar attention hasn't come to the Rodriquez brothers of Santa Fe. in 1996 teacher Noah Rodriguez was murderd by a young gang member. less than 2 years later his brother Herman was murderd in a case which has never been fully told.

I servd on the board of our local AIDS organization with Herman who had been a Santa Fe County Commisioner (appointd by Gov. Gary Johnson who yesterday announcd he was running for president).

this is the only picture I have with Herman. the quality is lacking because it's copied from the Santa Fe Cares newsletter which I editd. that's Herman (with glasses & tie) on the left & me on the right.

I still think someone cd write a hell of a book abt these tragedies.


cinemage books said...

you're into some pretty grim stuff lately.

AlexG said...

not sure why but I've long had a fascination with true crime.

cinemage books said...

me too. as a kid I was enthralled by the leopold loeb case, and as a 12 year old made my uncle take me to the rivoli to see compulsion. No doubt a big draw was the homo stuff. Also though not as intense as you I'm fascinated by elizabeth short and have read most books on her fiction and non fiction.