25 April 2011

little by little

our past disappears.

I remember feeling sad when on a return visit to Kent State University I saw my dorm -- Stopher Hall -- a pile of rubble. more recently Jerry's Diner disappeard. now word arrives of the coming demolition of the Robin Hood.

when I began studies at Kent this was a charming upscale restaurant where I'd brunch when my parents came to visit. years later it turnd into a bar that servd mean New England ice teas.

in 1986 I took this picture of Joe Walsh in the Homecoming parade. the building behind his Cadillac is the Robin Hood.


Tom Beckett said...

It was Jerry's Diner.

AlexG said...

dear lord Tom: am I getting old or what???? of course it was Jerry's. damn. thx. I changd it.