08 January 2011

Aron Kincaid (1940-2011)

my first visit to the Sunset Strip was in the fall of 1972. I went to a restaurant no longer there calld Cyrano's. one of the other diners was the blond Kincaid looking as if he'd just come from the set of one of his surfer moives.

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Alex Gildzen said...

Armisred Maupin just postd this on Facebook:
"Aron and I became friends in the 70's when he was modeling in S.F. He was charming, witty, and hugely supportive of my work. Yes, his real name was Norman Neale Williams -- and he was tickled that I'd named my most deplorable villain after him. The last time we talked he joked about getting ready for the Motion Picture Home, where ...he could hang out with all the old stars. Damn it, Aron, I needed more of you."