27 January 2011

alternate versions

I was 16 when I learnd that the movie I see in a theater isn't always the only version to be seen. there was quite a bit of publicity abt a small film calld "Cry Tough." Linda Cristal has a love scene with John Saxon. in the movie I saw she was wearing a black slip. but there was a version with her topless which was releasd in Europe.

now we're used to seeing director's cuts & alternate endings & all manner of "extras." James Robert Parish informs me abt a website which tracks these various versions of films. here is an example.


cinemage books said...

something else for me to worry about

AlexG said...

well it does complicate the study of film.

richard lopez said...

it also complicates the memories of movies. drive-in flix, because of their sometimes lurid ad campaigns and content, were often subject to the projectionist's scissors. so one version of the film at this drive-in could be different in part at that other drive-in. when many of these movies were being released to dvd for the first time and remastered it was sometimes, as i read, hell trying to find enough pieces of the film from different elements to cobble together a hopefully uncut finished film.