01 November 2010

seeing myself

tonite TCM presentd the David H. Shepard compilation of Edison films. this is one that hit me:

from the moment it began I saw the boy in the white shirt carrying the packages & immediately identified with him. everything is happening around him but he's transfixd by the camera. as the film went on I felt that that boy was me in "Alex in Movieland." it was a powerful feeling.


cinemage books said...

How many times in my life have I walked up and down 23rd street. I can still make out some of the buildings that remarkably are still there, the streets aren't as wide as they were back then.

Bill Fogle said...

What's with the Monroe-esque skirt blowing up scene there at the end?

cinemage books said...

Bill the corner of 23st. near the flatiron building is known for the gust of winds that would cause women's skirts to fly up and men's hats to go flying. I know this was true at the time of this film clip, you can still feel the gusts even today when walking by the flatiron. Scorsese uses this effect in the age of innocence. I guess the gusts was so strong that it moved up the street a bit.