13 November 2010

scatter me

over the decades I've written many wills. in one I askd that my cremated remains be divided in half. one portion was to be dumpd into the Atlantic from Provincetown which gave me so many glorious memories. the other half wd go into the Pacific from Monterey where I was born.

I've since realizd this is a hugh favor to ask. also I haven't been to P'town in ages & have no real resonance with Monterey except as place of birth. so my current notion is to have my ashes scatterd in the arroyo that gives name to this blog. maybe even thrown from the pedestrian bridge I cross daily & which was the place for my piece "Bridge over Arroyo."

then this morning our local paper headlined that the archbishop -- with so little else to do -- has condemnd the scattering of ashes. I'm delightd. my passionate disdain for all religions goes into overdrive when they continually overrearch like this. I cdn't have askd for a better last chapter.

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