06 June 2010

a date with Jack

depressd. probably biggest known ecological disaster of my lifetime. falling apart of Obama presidency. bad citizenship of North Korea & Israel. hateful anti-gay policies in Africa. economy still not out of the toilet. all that teabag nonsense. & more murders.

what can one do? instead of returning to Zoloft I had a date nite. it was with a dead man.

let's go back to april. at the TCM festival I saw Jack LaRue in 2 films on the big screen. he wasn't the greatest actor but he was intense. that greasd back hair & those eyes. with a certain swagger. so last nite I watchd him some more. "Yellow Cargo" is a minor movie. but any film whose cast includes someone I care abt is no longer minor to me.

I followd that up with an episode of Reed Hadley's '50s series "Racket Squad" which I used to watch as a boy. in this one LaRue had the good fortume of appearing opposite a pair of big screen faves -- Adele Jergens as his wife & silent star Betty Blythe as the person he's trying to con.

so for 2 hours I forgot the world & how fast my life is speeding by. it was the best date I've had in ages.


richard lopez said...

alex, anna and i had a date night too, last night, and for a while we were able to let go our own anger and pessimism on the state of the world. and for the evening it was lovely, just the two of us, while nicholas stayed at grandma's. i think there are moments when we must stop and remember why we remain alive.

cinemage books said...

Yes for a time LaRue was the La Rue. Sexy.