08 June 2010

another day another disgrace

our local Native American population is quick to pose as spiritual people with a respect for history & the environment.

those who run the Santa Fe Indian School mite try cleaning their mirrors. without warning they brought down historic buildings on campus. then they cut down trees that were a century old. for what seemd forever they did nothing to clean up the campus   leaving piles of detritus.

now the administration of the Indian School will tear down the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater.

first Soleri is an important architect & this is a work of art which deserves respect.

but it's also an historic venue in the history of popular music. over the years I've heard Carlos Santana & k.d. lang & Jamie Cullum & Rufus Wainwright on that stage.

it's always sad to see unnecessary destruction. I guess I was expecting more from Native Americans.


cinemage books said...

don't expect more from anyone or any group. Look what has been destroyed in New York.

AlexG said...

that's why mankind is in peril. we're a greedy lazy species. I've sd it many times: I'm glad I'm old & have no children.