08 April 2010

let's hear it for the flops

with the loss of Ted Hook's Backstage & Barrymore's I guess the only theater restaurant from my past that's still around is Joe Allen.

the wall on the restaurant side is a sort of Hall of Fame for Broadway flops. here is a display of the posters of those shows.


cinemage books said...
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cinemage books said...

Had to repost. This was fun, amazing how many big stars were involved in these turkeys and all the big names behind the footlights. They left out a turkey that we saw together Night Watch, boy was that bad.

MjB said...

I enjoyed looking through that site. It reminded me of a Tom Petty song lyric: " baby, even the losers get lucky sometimes / even the losers keep a little bit of pride." I'm always interested in the so-called losers. I guess I identify with them and their lost or almost-made-it causes. Thanks for the link to that site.

Take care,