25 April 2010

"Ghosts of the Roosevelt"

woke on my 67th birthday
at Hollywood Roosevelt
where the mirror Marilyn haunts
is in storage

the day I checkd in
I passd Montgomery Clift's room
but didn't hear his bugle

later I peekd into the bar
where Victor Killian had too many
the nite he was murderd

the ghosts here are many
Johnny Grant lived & died here
& Todd Moore was a guest
Elizabeth Short walkd thru the lobby
where elderly Mack Sennett
sat alone for hours
John Carlyle workd the front desk
& Eleanor Powell told tales
to a dinner of cinephiles
in the Blossom Room

I sit in the lobby
listening to water bubble up
in the fountain
wondering how soon
I too will be a ghost


richard lopez said...

not too soon, okay

Stephen said...

Wonderful poem.
Happy Birthday, looking most excellent!

malibu boy said...

Love the new work. Your 2010 travels have really produced some fine poem-age. And don't you dare become a ghost anytime soon.