07 September 2009

some mornings

I feel as old as Semiramis. you'll recall she was the madam who became Queen of Babylon for 100 years. if you too are a movie freak you may remember Rhonda Fleming playd her more than a half century ago. & if you're truly a movie freak you'll recall in a later Italian version John Ericson was her enemy the king of the Dardanians.

this is that rare Santa Fe thing   a damp morning. we had some rain during the nite. with the air clear & sun shining it's a pretty morning & I shdn't feel any older than I am which is old enuf. I am 66. that's a sort of rime. later this week I return to Ohio where Mom turns 88. another rime.

at this stage of life I'm grateful for clear sunny mornings. earlier this year I didn't think I'd be alive now. & here I am   sipping coffee   comparing myself to a brothel keeper who staged the ripping-apart of her husband. I've watchd David Muir present the news. I've fed the neighborhood cat who's adoptd me. I've exchangd e-mails with Jim Cory whose birthday it is. it's a good day. & if it startd with me feeling like an old queen I'll just have to straighten up my crown & get on with it.


Bill Fogle said...

Wow! Not what I come to expect from you. You always have this enviable "brevity" thing ... your sentences are skeletal.

Obviously I hope you around for a long-long time.

durlx said...

Long may you reign!

Tom Beckett said...

God save the Queen.s

Montgomery Maxton said...

you'll live to mirror your mother's lifespan.

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