12 May 2009

"tres versing the panda" (Coventry Village Library)

with Miles Budimir   George Wallace   Steve Goldberg (photo by Dianne Borsenik)

with Angela Jaeger


Bill Fogle said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

An eerie & unexpected pleasure to sit beside you that afternoon at the Coventry Library... you were in fine voice, & the poems were felt & focused.


AlexG said...

Ralph -- my ride was late which is why I didn't arrive on time to that reading. no one told me you'd be there so it was quite the surprise. I was looking forward to chatting when it was over but you made that dramatic exit.

seeing you read/perform brought back many Kent memories.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry about that dram-ex (was it really all THAT dram?). I do try to stay in touch with Kent, but that gets ever more dicey as the years pass... I was public as a poet there for but half a dozen years, a lifetime ago. Not quite the investment you had, but still it is very difficult not to be besieged with memories when you encounter someone you haven't seen in a quarter of a century ... a chat might have mitigated all that, true, but I think, at least in that setting (lots of worthy poeticos up in Cleveland and/or coming thru), letting the poems carry the weight was preferable. Truth to tell, when the dram-ex welled up out of nowhere it was irresistible ... a venerable road dog like me just couldn't let a chance like that get away, eh? Come our next en passant, Alex, we'll BOTH be more opportunistic,
you bet. Till then, Ralph.

PS: would love to take a gander at that interview I've been hearing about -- how can I do that ??

AlexG said...

there's a link to the Otoliths interview under the "my history" list under my picture.