02 May 2009

naked interview

Tom Beckett's interview with me is in the new issue of Otoliths.

warning: this may contain more information than you wish to know.


Montgomery Maxton said...

in the same room with ohara. ;)

Bill Fogle said...

I read the interview twice, first jumping through and picking up bits, then (at 6:00 a.m. this morning) really diging in and reading top to bottom.

I'm so glad this happened for you. I'd have the same reactions of discomfort, both in terms of the personal spotlight and regarding the discussion of the artistic process, which is kind of a no-no for truly creative people.

The interview helped me gain a stronger appetite for the nontraditional, which I confess has been a stumbling block for me. I'm terribly conservative (as far as art goes), even prudish. Reading about the envelopes, for instance, has enriched how I approach your poems, etc. Now I sort of get it, the mixing of "performance" and poetry. The lists and objects, etc. Hopefully these confessions will make you laugh. I don't have the experience of being in the 60s/70s scene as do you, and I have never been in an environment with other serious artists (I have never studied or been part of a group. etc.; always alone in my creative productivity).

This is a lengthy reply, but the interview is a terribly exciting event, and again I'm so glad to see it happen for you. I hope it has been a reward for the memories and such that had to be called forth (now I appreciate your recent blog reference to being involved with the past).

A literary occasion, truly.