08 August 2008

Jerry's Diner

news from Kent of an impending death.

the city will soon demolish this historic downtown diner.

Jerry's was the subject of a little book painter Robert Mayer put together in 1987. my contribution was from Postcard Memoirs. many of the other contributors have since died: Jonathan Williams   Daniel Thompson   David Meredith   Mort Krahling.

more & more Kent to me is a place of ghosts.


Anonymous said...

Diner today ... sad sight.

richard lopez said...

as with everything. yesterday anna and i were driving around town looking at this and that. we love going thru old neighborhoods and we happened to drive past our old high school. looking for an old mom and pop grocery store, which is long gone, we found an old drive-in restaurant, just like the one in yr post.

we did a double-take, even tho there are a fair number of them still left in town, and drove past it very slowly as we looked at what is soon becoming a thing of the past.

AlexG said...

another death from my Portage County past:

Louis V. Castaldi. he was a good man.