26 August 2008


43 years ago this month I saw Peter & Gordon perform at Akron Civic Theater as part of Dick Clark's "Caravan of Stars."

this morning a friend sent me the video of "American Prayer." I was shockd to see a fleeting cameo by Peter & Gordon. earlier this year I'd seen Peter Asher in an acting role in "Bernard and Doris." but I hadn't realizd he was back with his old partner. so I googld them & discoverd that they're even doing some limitd touring.


Montgomery Maxton said...

i know this is off-entry, but doris day is plastered all over the cover of that greatly accurate toilet magazine Nat'l Enquirer and she's looking amok.

AlexG said...

Doris Day is great. one of the best personalities in the history of Hollywood.

Montgomery Maxton said...

i think so too