07 June 2007

"one of the legendary tricks"

that's how Patrick McGilligan labels Robert Seiter in his George Cukor bio.

he was the brother of director William Seiter. his acting career lastd from 1925-1949. he then became a film editor &nsbp; working primarily in television. but he's best rememberd today for his looks & sexual prowess.

last nite I saw Seiter -- using the name Robert Manning -- in "The Sign of the Cross" (1932). a looker indeed. McGilligan writes that after Cukor was done with the young actor   Seiter took up with wealthy Alex Tiers   a former Cukor roommate & pal of Gloria Swanson. other sources mention a relationship with character actor Grady Sutton.

but I don't think anyone's written abt Seiter's romance with Shannon Rodgers. he was a costume designer at Paramount in the '30s. years later in New York he was a popular designer of women's clothes   designing for Miss Americas & First Ladies. Shannon also did the gown Joan Crawford wore to Truman Capote's black & white ball.

Shannon was in his late 70s when he told me abt Seiter. he seemd like a young man again remembering the beauty of his former companion.

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