28 March 2007

Keith Gordon

I was first aware of him as an actor. while still young he appeard in films of Bob Fosse & Brian DePalma. then he playd Jeff Miller in the telefilm "Kent State." but the film he's best known for was John Carpenter's "Christine."

5 years after that movie he made his directorial debut with "The Chocolate War." last nite he appeard at the college in a screening of that film. he likes to talk & gave full answers to all questions. altho he acts from time to time as a favor for a friend Gordon devotes his career energies to writing & directing. he also has a grounding in things outside the business which keep him sane during rough periods.


Vera Charles said...

Because I can say the exact same thing about myself... "Wow, he did not age well."

AlexG said...

talk abt not aging well: Warren Beatty just turnd 70. he was on tv & looks awful.