20 March 2007

cholla planting

when I moved here there was nothing but field between my house & St. Francis Drive -- a major artery into town. in 3 of the 4 seasons I'd delight in combing the field for small cacti & pines to transplant onto my property. I'm happy I did because when the land was being "prepared" for building men on machines flattend everything.

I think it's been at least 6 years since the unwantd apartments were built next door. in that time all I've plantd have been snips brought back from my parents in Ohio. so I was delightd the other day when Roger cleard some of his cactus & askd if I wantd them. we carefully brought 10 plants to my yard.

even with gloves & tongs I managd to leave one hand looking & feeling like a pin cushion. however if they take & enjoy the poor soil I have to offer it'll be worth it.

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Carol said...

Oh how I envy you being able to grow cacti! Here in the tropics where I live it is impossible. When I moved from Sydney I had a lovely collection of small cacti and succulents in pots, but after one summer in this humidity they grew fungus and shrivelled up. I hope you'll show us some pictures soon.