17 August 2006

a zing & a kick

Regina & I went to Madrid -- birthplace of Mae Marsh -- so she cd look at jewelry & rugs. while there we had a savory treat: red chili chocolate cake. I wd never have thot to put pepper in a cake but what a blast.


durlx said...

The Aztecs did their cocoa with peppers; it all goes back quite a ways. It sounds wonderful!

My old friend Billy used to make "blues food", generally a rediculous and unedible something that was supposed to make you feel silly for being depressed. One example was a three layer chocolate fudge cake with exactly 100 pickled jalapena peppers in it.

AlexG said...

Durl doll -- we're having one of our rare dreary days so Regina & I will probably brew some of that Aztec Elixir you so kindly gave me on yr visit here.

for those who don't know this is Vosages' hot chocolate with ancho & chipotle chilies.