31 October 2019

today's addition to "Alex in Movieland"

sees "Halloween" on Halloween


richard lopez said...

the great 1978 original?

Alex Gildzen said...

no. the more recent one with an aging but badass Jamie.

richard lopez said...

haven't seen that one yet even tho i recorded it a couple months ago. i'm no halloween movie purist. i even enjoyed rob zombie's revisions. but the wildest halloween flick in the franchise is halloween iii. no michael meyers in it at all. the plot involves an evil toy maker who wants to bring back the ancient traditions of samhain by making masks that explode on the wearers. how that relates to the early celtic observation of the dead returning to the living on all hallow's eve i haven't the foggiest notion. but it is an interesting halloween movie about halloween in the halloween franchise.